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Latest Club News

The range will be closed Sept 19th & 20th for berm maintenance.

The next club meeting is Sept 16th at 7pm. Our guest speaker will be Senator Brakey.  Senator Brakey sponsored and was instrumental in passage of the new Constitutional Carry law allowing Maine citizens to conceal carry without a permit.

Upcoming Meetings

May 20 agenda: Please welcome special guest David Trahan, Executive Director of Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM)

** Beginning with May, meetings will be held  at the Clubhouse **

June 17 agenda: Please welcome special guest Dick Galgovitch



If you missed January’s meeting, then here are the newly elected officers:

  • Bob Jordan, President
  • Laura Henton, Vice President
  • Vicki Millett, Secretary
  • Dean Logan, Treasurer

Also welcome two new board members: Nelson Gagnon and Doc Foster.

Thank you all for stepping up and helping the club.

Wild Game Dinner

The next meeting will be February 18th.  Starting at 6:00pm, (1800 hours for some of you) we’ll be holding a wild game dinner before the meeting begins. Please feel free to contribute some of your game and favorite recipe.

The local Game Warden, will also be joining us for a Q&A.

See you all there.

Club Events

Monthly club meeting are located at the American Legion, Post 158 (Lisbon), 2nd floor.

January 21st  Agenda

Elect new officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two Board seats.

February 18th Agenda

Wild game dinner. Please feel free to share some of your game and favorite recipe.  Dinner served at 6pm.

March 18th Agenda

Please welcome special guest David trahan, Executive Director of SAM

April 15th Agenda

Please welcome special guests IF&W Biologists Jenifer Vashon and Randy  Cross.

Time To Renew Membership!

Its that time of the year when membership dues are due.  Dues have been increased to $40 in order to fund some much needed improvements.  Be sure to fill out the membership application and get your dues in. The gate code will be changed.