November Update (Time to Renew Membership)

For all the hunters in the club this is the time of year we love to be out in the woods tacking down that sometimes-elusive quarry. Whether it’s the feathered variety or the four-legged kind, we use our marksmanship and skills to bring home the prize for the kitchen table or for the wall.

Of course, there are always the stories that go along with hunting…. like the time that you came face to face with a deer while turkey hunting…. or watching a flock of turkeys s-l-o-w-l-y pass your blind while deer hunting…. or the time when you were waiting for that buck to show up, because you didn’t get your doe permit, and all you see are does coming in all within 50 yards! And the list goes on.

For the members who want to renew their membership you can download an application from our website and mail to the address provided or attend the monthly meeting next Wednesday the 16th.

This month’s meeting will be at the American Legion on Webster Rd. in the upstairs meeting room at 7PM. This meeting will the last one for the year. There is no meeting in December and the next meeting will be January 18, 2017 at the Legion.

Vicki Millett, Secretary

October Update

On Sunday, October 23rd, the range will be closed until 2:00 PM out of respect for the family attending the funeral service at the church. After 2:00PM the range will open.

Elections are coming up and we will be voting on Referendum question 3 as well as a new President. Your vote will count so we hope to see you at the polling locations.

This coming Wednesday, the 19th, is the monthly meeting at the range. This month will be the last meeting at the range and the November meeting will be at the American Legion on Webster Rd.

If you have any questions or concerns, please come to the meeting and we will address them. See you then.

Vicki Millett, Secretary

Competition Handgun Demo

Nate Lake and Norm Palmer  of Lisbon Fish & Game, will host a “What Competition Handgun shooting is Like”. This will be a no-cost program and will run one day only at the range on Saturday, August 13th.

The program will start with a mandatory safety briefing at 8:00 am. The program should last until about 1:00 pm.

Interested members should bring:

    • Safety glasses and hearing protection.
    • Pistol or revolver any caliber; however, 38/9mm and larger bore meet the official competition requirements. This demonstration will work with .22’s.
    • Holster that covers the trigger of your gun.
    • Two mag pouches or speed loaders that fit on your belt.
      An extra mag or speed loader to start the course of fire.
    • Approx. 75 rounds for the gun.

The total shots per Course of Fire totals 45. Bring more if you wish but one box of ammo should do it.

The Safety Officers, Nate Lake and Norm Palmer, will provide guns and holsters for members that may not have enough gear for the morning. We will have some extra holsters and mag pouches available for use. There is a left hand holster available to fit a 1911.

The number of slots open is limited to the first 14 people to sign-up. Members can contact me, Norm Palmer at This will be first come, first serve basis for safety concerns.

If any member would like to watch an actual shooting completion, interested parties can car pool to the event in Hampton on Sunday August 14th. Interested parties can meet Norm at the Lisbon F&G range at 7:00 am and leave from there. Again, contact Norm at the above email address.

Vikki Millett

June Trap Shoot

June is here and it is time to enjoy summer months’ outdoors. image001Camping, fishing, and a host of other outdoor activities are enjoyed by many. Trap shoots are also on that list. Next Sunday, the 19th there will be a trap shoot and we hope to see many of you there.

At any time while you are at the range, always practice the safety rules we have in place for the Club. Be aware of others who are also there shooting. We have space for a number of shooters so be aware of where they are and be cordial and courteous.

This coming Wednesday, the 15th, the regular monthly meeting will be held at the clubhouse. We hope to see you there if you have any questions, concerns or new ideas for the Club.

LT Vic

Trap Shoot Schedule

Next month officially starts “Trap season”. The first and third Sunday afternoons are set aside for trap shoots only. We start at 12 noon and sometimes shoot until dusk, depending on the number of people attending.guns-vr7e5031

Everyone is welcome whether they are a member or not. Members pay $3 a round and nonmembers pay $4 a round. The trap area and pistol range cannot be used at the same time for safety reasons.

Reminder: This summer we will be doing work on the 100-yard berm and the range may be shut down for that. We will definitely keep you informed of any range closings. The last time work was done on the berms it only took a day. Hopefully this time will be the same and things go smoothly.

Lt Vic

March Newsletter

MudDogWe are presently having some good warm weather and more people
are using the range. Be aware of the mud and do not make any ruts. Soon enough we will be able to drive down to the firing line.

Gun Raffle: Windham Weaponry AR10

The upcoming gun show at the Lewiston Armory, will be April 2nd and 3rd. We plan to have a booth there so we can raffle a Windham Weaponry, AR style rifle in 308 caliber. The raffle tickets are $10 each and the drawing will be at the June 15th meeting. You will be able to view the rifle at the Twin City gun show, April 2 -3.


This year we are making further range improvements. The 100-yard berm will be heightened and possibly the 50-yard berm, depending on the cost. We will be getting estimates once the ground is firm.

The Town Committee’s results have found that the noise issue is a non-issue because of being grandfathered. Having been here since 1946 is to our advantage. We hope that we will not have any more problems with any of the neighbors.

meeting-reminder-clipart-1Our next monthly meeting is Wednesday the 16th at the American Legion in Lisbon at7PM. You can pick up raffle tickets to sell at the meeting also. The more tickets the Members can sell, the better.

If you have any suggestions on future events that the club can partake in, we would like your input. The monthly meetings are the venue for Members to give us your ideas. We have received a suggestion on having a fishing clinic/demo at Beaver Park. How about an event geared toward some friendly shooting competition?? We are open to any input you may have for future events. Please come to the meeting and tell us about it.

Hope to see you there.

Lt Vic

Annual Game Dinner

AnnualGameDinnerJoin us for our annual game dinner February 17th at 6:00 pm. At the American Legion Post 158.
If you would like to contribute, please contact the club Secretary. Salads or sides are always needed as well.

2016 Gun Show Calander

January 17 – 18:  Augusta Civic Center – 200 tables.

February 20 -21: Manchester, NH @ Radisson Hotel Expo (I-293 Exit 5, 700 Elm St. – 300 tables.

Feb 27 – 28: West Lebanon, NH @ Fireside Inn (I-89 Exit 20, 25 Airport Rd. – 125 tables.

April 2 -3: Twin City Gun Show, 65 Central Ave. Lewiston. 9am – 4pm & 9am – 3pm. – 250 tables.

April 9 – 10: Biddeford, ME @ Biddeford Ice Arena (I-95 Exit 32, Rte 111, 14 Pomerleau St. – 175 tables.

April 16 – 17: Concord, NH @ Everett Ice Arena (I-93 Exit 14, 15 Loudon Rd., Rte 9E – 285 tables.

Aug 20 – 21:  Augusta Civic Center – 200 tables.

Sept 10 – 11: Concord, NH @ Everett Ice Arena (I-93 Exit 14, 15 Loudon Rd., Rte 9E – 285 tables.

Hours are Saturday 9 – 5 and Sunday 9 – 2

December Update

Timage001he next meeting is scheduled for January 20th, at 7:00 PM, in the upstairs meeting room at the American Legion in Lisbon.

You may renew Membership there or through the mail. Applications can be downloaded from our website. The dues are the same at $40.

Keep in mind that the gate code changes January 1st, and if you’re looking to try out that new gun you got for Christmas, do so before January 1st or renew your Membership.

This weather will eventually change and the bare ground will change to snow. If the ground does not have a chance to freeze before we get a snow storm and you want to use the range, please stay on the graveled driveway and walk down to the firing line. We do not like to repair ruts in the spring.


Membership dues are coming up. Down load the membership form and get it out of the way.

The next club meeting is November 18th at the American Legion Post 158

If you want to share pictures of this years hunt, send them to Vic and we’ll get them posed on our website and Facebook page.

Don’t forget the annual wild game dinner in February.

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