November Update (Time to Renew Membership)

For all the hunters in the club this is the time of year we love to be out in the woods tacking down that sometimes-elusive quarry. Whether it’s the feathered variety or the four-legged kind, we use our marksmanship and skills to bring home the prize for the kitchen table or for the wall.

Of course, there are always the stories that go along with hunting…. like the time that you came face to face with a deer while turkey hunting…. or watching a flock of turkeys s-l-o-w-l-y pass your blind while deer hunting…. or the time when you were waiting for that buck to show up, because you didn’t get your doe permit, and all you see are does coming in all within 50 yards! And the list goes on.

For the members who want to renew their membership you can download an application from our website and mail to the address provided or attend the monthly meeting next Wednesday the 16th.

This month’s meeting will be at the American Legion on Webster Rd. in the upstairs meeting room at 7PM. This meeting will the last one for the year. There is no meeting in December and the next meeting will be January 18, 2017 at the Legion.

Vicki Millett, Secretary