January Update

With a new year upon us we will start our “to do” list for Club projects. On the agenda for this months’ meeting, is the election of Officers and positions on the Board of Directors. If you have an interest in any position, please come to the meeting and “throw your name into the hat”.

We will also discuss having another raffle, possibly a compact handgun. The Club needs to generate funds for future improvements for the range and clubhouse and this has provided funds for us in the past.

For these winter months, we will be having guest speakers. The Commissioner of IF&W, the local game warden and possibly a Senator, are hopefuls for a meeting. We hope schedules work for individuals so they can attend a meeting. If you have a suggestion for a guest speaker let us know.

Just a reminder, the yearly game supper will be next month. If you have extra game to share we would appreciate it.

We would like to encourage the membership to consider a donation or getting a membership to SAM, the Sportsman Alliance of Maine.  They have done a lot of good work for gun rights, legislation and sportsman’s issues.

Vicki Millett, Secretary