Competition Handgun Demo

Nate Lake and Norm Palmer  of Lisbon Fish & Game, will host a “What Competition Handgun shooting is Like”. This will be a no-cost program and will run one day only at the range on Saturday, August 13th.

The program will start with a mandatory safety briefing at 8:00 am. The program should last until about 1:00 pm.

Interested members should bring:

    • Safety glasses and hearing protection.
    • Pistol or revolver any caliber; however, 38/9mm and larger bore meet the official competition requirements. This demonstration will work with .22’s.
    • Holster that covers the trigger of your gun.
    • Two mag pouches or speed loaders that fit on your belt.
      An extra mag or speed loader to start the course of fire.
    • Approx. 75 rounds for the gun.

The total shots per Course of Fire totals 45. Bring more if you wish but one box of ammo should do it.

The Safety Officers, Nate Lake and Norm Palmer, will provide guns and holsters for members that may not have enough gear for the morning. We will have some extra holsters and mag pouches available for use. There is a left hand holster available to fit a 1911.

The number of slots open is limited to the first 14 people to sign-up. Members can contact me, Norm Palmer at This will be first come, first serve basis for safety concerns.

If any member would like to watch an actual shooting completion, interested parties can car pool to the event in Hampton on Sunday August 14th. Interested parties can meet Norm at the Lisbon F&G range at 7:00 am and leave from there. Again, contact Norm at the above email address.

Vikki Millett